We reduce 30% of costs in drugs production

An Agile Platform for drug design that reduce risks, costs  and a lot of time to achieve better results to help and save lives.

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people around the world suffer from a degenerative disease, infectious or inflammatory disease, various types of cancer or even a genetic disorder. Diseases that have no cure or an appropriate medicine and afflict BILLIONS of people.

The Drug Discovery Process

About 80% of all projects fail in the clinical trial phase. According to a study by Tufts University of Boston/MA, the average development time of a new drug is 10 to 15 years, with an approximate cost of $ 2.9 Billion.

Much of the problem is associated with the method of selection of new active principles and the regulatory process to which these new compounds are subjected. With our algorithm, we identify the best compound in record time (2 hours on average), promoting significant time and cost savings, mitigating risks in new drug discovery projects, optimizing preclinical and clinical testing.

Our Benefits

Our differential compared to our direct competitors is our agile platform. Using our own algorithm and proprietary processes that reduce the time, costs and risks of developing new drugs


Our agile platform for active building new compounds reduces the time to identify a new drug, optimizing development projects.


With our innovative platform we make active construction replacing selection methods, optimizing validation at all stages.


Our methodology promotes the reduction of new drug production costs, with significant resource savings in projects.


Our active compound construction technology is applied in different areas of knowledge such as health (pet / vet / human) and industry (agro / bioenergy).

Our solution

Using molecular modeling tools (CADD) and our own method, we have developed an agile platform to facilitate and optimize the process of building new compounds. After designed and validated in the various certified software, we synthesize and test the new compounds in vitro and in vivo (preclinical trials).

This greatly reduces the time, costs and risks compared to traditional established selection techniques. We greatly reduce the risk of failure in subsequent steps – clinical trials.

Our differential compared to our direct competitors is our agile platform. Using our own algorithm and proprietary processes that reduce the time, costs and risks of developing new drugs, we improve the quality, stability and facilitate modifications to existing or new compounds.

Another advantage is that we can develop a wider variety of compounds with the same platform (Aptamers, ASOs, RNAs, Peptides, Polysaccharides, Amino Acids …), helping the industry to achieve more stable and efficient medicines, as well as improving manufacturing processes, for example, in the solubility of existing medicines, reducing production costs.

We have already built and validated four few compounds specifically for the treatment of Glioblastoma, Prostate, Breast and Kidney Cancer.

Our development

Our products, ie the newly developed compounds, are validated in a process that follows good laboratory practice and good clinical practice. We have an anticancer drug ready for in vivo trials. Selfdeveloped Aptah products are funded with partner capital (Bootstrap).

Also we have three new drug projects in partnership with the ICF (Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences – a private company that serves the pharmaceutical industry with bioequivalence trials – especially Neoquímica and Teuto). In addition, we have a drug formulation project with EQUIPLEX.

The United Nations has set the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of a new agenda and paying particular attention to
the voices of the poorest and most vulnerable. The goals were set for a world with equitable and universal access to health care and
social protection, where physical, mental and social well-being are assured. Goal 3 aims to ensure a healthy life and promote wellbeing for everyone at all ages. By 2030 the goal is to end epidemics, reduce maternal and child mortality, achieve universal health coverage, support research and development of vaccines
and medicines for communicable and noncommunicable diseases.
It is in this context that Aptah Bioinformatics falls within the main Objective of the 2030 Agenda – Health and Welfare.


While the economic impact is not eworthy, the focus is on demonstrating the SIGNIFICANT SOCIAL IMPACT and the benefits generated from the development of new LOWEST COST DRUGS by using our platform in the short term, bringing HOPE and QUALITY OF LIFE to BILLIONS of people worldwide.


Higor Falcão

Higor Falcão

CEO, Co-founder, MD, MBA

Has the duty to develop the company, raise funds and bring mentors/advisors and partners. Graduated in Medicine with the title of Specialist in Radiology, MBA in Strategic and Economic Business Management from FGV (Getúlio Vargas Foundation). Founder of a Medical PosGraduate Course; two Colleges; two hardware startups; three Service Companies and has nine years of
experience in Business Development.

Caio Bruno

Caio Bruno

CTO, Co-founder, MsC

Has the duty to develop the algorithm and master several bioinformatics tools. Holds a degree in Biomedicine and a Master Degree in Genetics from PUC-GO. Eight years of experience in genomic diagnosis of tumors at Araújo Jorge Goiânia Hospital – GO. Founding Partner of SysGen Genetic Analysis Laboratories in Goiania – GO.

Gláucia Almeida

Gláucia Almeida

VP of R&D, PhD

Has the duty to define the scope of the project, control time, costs and quality of the solution under development, at the preclinical stage. She has a degree in Biomedicine, a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from FIOCRUZ and a Postdoctoral degree from USP and Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.




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Sustainable Development Goals

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