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APTAH innovation in bioinformatics

APTAH is a Bioinformatics company specializing in Drug Design. We develop and validate new drugs and diagnostic methods using our own algorithm and certified software. Recognizing the enormous obstacles involved in the Drug Discovery process, we have developed a tool that helps in the identification, development and validation of promising new molecules for the treatment and diagnosis of various types of diseases, such as malignant tumors and HIV.

Through the use of our tool we deliver objectivity and agility in the Drug Design process, reducing time, risks and costs in the projects.

Perceiving a great problem in the process of identification and discovery of new compounds, APTAH came up with an innovative technology, allowing for positive results and big gains.

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In addition to using Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) software, APTAH uses a proprietary algorithm that makes it easy to build new molecules: Aptamers, Oligonucleotides, Interference RNA, peptides and proteins are some of the classes of molecules which we can produce with our technology.

This algorithm was specially created to facilitate and accelerate the development of new compounds. At APTAH we developed the assets from scratch and reduced the search time for new compounds in the Drug Discovery stage, unlike in the usual way where search usually happens through an extensive library of assets. With the use of our tool we work focused on the solution of specific problems, which greatly reduces the probability of errors, costs and research time.


Process Drug Discovery



Target Identification (biomarker, protein, enzyme, DNA locus ...)

Development of the new molecule

Three-dimensional modeling of molecular structure

Target binding tests

This whole process lasts on average from 5 days to 2 weeks


Processo Drug Discovery


Identificação do Alvo (biomarcador, proteína, enzima, locus do DNA...)

Desenvolvimento da nova molécula

Modulação tridimensional da estrutura molecular

Testes de ligação com o Alvo

Todo esse processo dura em média de 5 dias a 2 semanas


1 – Molecules with high stability

2 – The use of cell, bacterial or animal cultures for the synthesis of molecules is unnecessary

3 – The new molecules are susceptible of modifications, such as, the insertion of drugs and flags (metallic and fluorochromes).

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Agility and objectivity

Time Gain

Reducing Costs and Risks

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  • Medical Education and MBA in Strategic Management and Business Economics.
  • Develops the business model and strategic partnerships.
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  • Training in Biomedicine and Masters in Genetics.
  • Develops and validates new molecules and perfects molecular modeling systems.